Chef Cristiano Tomei

Your Michelin starred galley signed by famous Italian Chef Cristiano Tomei: unique meals, the highest quality ingredients and bakery products-always fresh and ready in few minutes directly on board!

L’Imbuto Boat is a new service of food delivery created in collaboration with a Michelin star Chef Cristiano Tomei and the hystorical shipping agency De Felice from Viareggio. Underway, roadstead or for any other occasion L’Imbuto Boat gives you a hand in providing a wide range of creative meals and outstanding quality ingredients accurately thought, selected and realized with passion for yachting sector.

All the meals artisanally prepared and originally frozen at L’Imbuto restaurant in Lucca, are studied to be quickly regenerated, adding quality and substance to your breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner or appetizers. The dishes that are created in the kitchen of a Michelin star restaurant are getting on board with all their authenticity and freshness whenever you are in need of a quick though excellent meal or a more refined menu.

The top quality selection of the products: meat, coffee, bakery products. Everything matched with enormous vulcanic creativity of the Chef gives the result of a simple, genuine but also smart and fine dining. There is a multiple choice, starting with Italian “classics” like Pappa al pomodoro or opting for something gourmand like Ravioli stuffed with extravergin olive oil and Parmigiano cheese.


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